Our Story

ICANBALL began 2 years ago in a backyard with a dream, passion and a lot of hard work. Kyle began with teaching younger kids in a simple private sessions and is constantly striving to improve. To this day, ICANBALL has trained countless players across the country, from new players starting out, to college recruits, to NBA stars.

It's not about your past accomplishments. What are you going to give, today?
-Kyle Travis

About Kyle

Kyle takes pride in his attention to detail when developing and coaching players towards success on and off the court. He's traveled across the country to learn from the best basketball trainers in the world, in addition to have grown up playing basketball at a high level. Kyle has the knowledge, experience, and passion necessary to maximize results for any player.

Worked With...

Julius Randle: NBA player
Michael Mitchell: Pepperdine Commit
Jordan Lawley: World Renowned NBA trainer
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